Lynn L. - For the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the teachers I work with.  That the Lord would bind our hearts together as we serve.

Chris H.  - Please pray for my dad, he was admitted to the hospital tonight to run tests. He has been having pains in his abdomen, and his doctor thinks it might be acute diverticulitis. My mom is in Ohio and will now fly back tomorrow. She is worried and stressed, pray for peace and a safe flight home.

Lori - Pray for Thomas who is in the ICU after falling off a ladder

          - Pray that Sam would find some good Christian friends at college

Andrew & Rachel - Continue praying for Violet as they begin to take her off all of her medications over the coming months

Chris L. - Pray for God's wisdom and guidance as Chris waits to hear back on a job opportunity. 

Jill - Pray for Jill's friend who has been foster parenting a young girl with plans to adopt.  Another family member has now surfaced saying they want custody.

Rachel - Pray for Ronald (co-worker) who has a rare blood disease and is about to have a bone marrow transplant.

Theresa - My Aunt BeBe was rushed to the hospital Friday with a burst aneurysm. 3 surgeries later, (over 48 hrs), she is in ICU and expected to be there for 2 wks. Please pray for her recovery and may God lift up my uncle to be strong thru this. Also, prayers for Jared's co-worker. His daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Only 15 known cases. She is only 15 and the family is taking it hard, especially her dad. She is in good spirits and positive.

Jeremy - Christ Church and Crossway Community Church's joint Youth Discipleship Group. Please pray as we continue to prepare and plan in this joint effort to disciple the teenagers in our community.


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